Bass Lessons

If you happen to live in Melbourne, Australia, you can learn in the comfort of Mike’s teaching / project studio with instant access to a large and diverse collection of music, including hundreds of unique hand-written transcriptions covering all styles. If not, you may wish to learn online. Information can be sent in the form of text, music notation, 'tab' and fretboard diagrams via the net, and ‘one on one’ lessons can be organised at a mutually convenient time via Skype. Just email Mike to arrange this. He can teach you the bass lines your favourite bassists play, and even better, show you how to create your own.


Free Bass Study Material


Ron Carter’s ‘Dewey Square’ bass line

Here is Mike Mathews’ transcription of Ron Carter’s fabulous ‘Dewey Square’ bass line which can be heard on the Jamey Aebersold recording of Charlie Parker tunes. This transcription was previously released by Aebersold but has been modified and corrected by Mike to accurately detail Mr. Carter’s masterful line. For your convenience Mike has included an audio file of him playing the bass line panned hard right with a drum part panned hard left. This will enable you to hear the many important details of the bass line in isolation or use the drum track as backing only. Naturally, students are encouraged to listen to the original Jamey Aebersold recording to fully appreciate the superb time, subtle nuances and warm tone that make Ron Carter the master that he is.
Click the links below to download the complete Ron Carter walking bass line and the audio example of Mike Mathews playing the part. It is hoped that you find the study of this bass line as interesting and musically stimulating as Mike has.


Click for complete PDF of Ron Carter bass line
Audio example of Mike Mathews playing same


Bass lines from the Mosaic CD

Below are three excerpts from Mike Mathews' Mosaic recording along with some brief points of interest from Mike. Click on the accomanying links to hear the matching audio.

Biggish Steps audio example

E Minor or E Mi Nodda exerpt audio example

Funk Junk exerpt audio example