Mike Mathews Biography

Mike Mathews has been playing bass for a living since he was seventeen years old and loves it now more than ever. Below you will find an outline of some of the many musical experiences he has enjoyed.


Jazz / Funk / Fusion
Afro Cuban / Brazilian
Rock & Roll
Middle of the Road / Pop
Big Band / Orchestral
TV / Radio





Jazz / Funk / Fusion

Joe Chindamo
Ricky May (2 Victorian Tours)
Bob Venier Band
Lisa Young Band
Cable Network (Linda Cable)
Tom See Poy Band
Christine Sullivan
Glen Heinrich Quartet
Carl Orr
Sunny Gets Blue (Hyatt Hotel band)
Act 4 (Hyatt Hotel band)
Michael Harding Trio
Marlene Richards
Don Jordan
Mary-Louise Hatch
Alex Hutchinson Quartet
Pippa Wilson Quintet
Graham Taylor Trio
Michelle Forbes Quintet  
Tracey Roberts Quartet
Jodi Stor Quintet
Yvette Johansson
Emma Sidney Quintet
U Turn
Big Time
Vanilla (with Amber Jordan)
The Periwinkles
Carlo Mosca Trio

Afro Cuban / Brazilian

Peak Trio
Ray Piper

Rock & Roll

FJ Holden
Jade Hurley (2 Victorian tours)
Angela Ayers
David Briggs Band
The Drifters (Victorian tour)
Col Joye (2 Victorian tours)
The Cookies

Middle of the Road / Pop

Brian Cadd
Gene Pitney (2 National tours inc NZ )
Rhonda Burchmore
Barry Crocker
Normie Rowe
Cilla Black
Bev Harrol
The Seekers (National tour)
Chelsea Brown (Northern Territory tour)
Dennis Walter
Eric Jupp
Four Kinsmen (6 Victorian tours, 1 NSW tour)
Andrea Lees
Harry Cassio Band
Marion Martin
Henry Maas
Donald Cant
Sarah MacLaine
Warren Mitchell
Mark Westby


Dianna Trask
Donna Fisk


"Cats" Melbourne
"Cats" First National Tour
"Gang Show" - Melbourne
"Hats" - Adelaide
"Fame" - Gold Coast
"Little Shop of Horrors"
“Wizard of Oz”
“Kiss Me Kate”
“Witches of Eastwick”

Big Band / Orchestral

Groovin' Easy Orchestra
Downbeat Big Band
Let's Dance Big Band
"Bernstein's Mass" with Carl Davis and the State Orchestra of Victoria
Variety Show with Brisbane Symphony Orchestra
Alexander's Big Band
Norm Harris Big Band
Radio Rhythm Orchestra
Don Stevenson's Boogie Blues Band
Tony Louise Big Band

TV / Radio

"Hey Hey It's Saturday" - studio band (numerous performances)
Good Morning Australia (Bob Venier Band)
Good Morning Australia (Act 4)
Channel 7 Studio Band - Good Friday Appeal
"Don't Get Off Your Bike On Tour" - ABC Radio Show
Triangle - live to air PBS broadcast



Mosaic - original CD
Joe Chindamo - CD tracks
Triangle - jazz/fusion CD
Ted Egan - 2 country albums
Peter Moscos - CD track
Bruce Rowland - jingles
Peter Best - jingles
Mike Brady - jingles
Peter Sullivan - jingles
Paul Richards - CD tracks
Rod Baker - CDs
Justin Humphries - CD tracks
Linda Cables - CD tracks
Kaz Mitchell - CD
Alex Pertout Latin - CD tracks
Dale Adriatica - Middle of the Road album
Downbeat Big Band - DVD
Michelle Forbes - CD
Alan Buckley - CD
Grahame Taylor Trio - CD
Susanne Petersen - CD tracks
Fluid Reality - CD
Peak Trio - CD
Keryn Morehu and Diane Simmons – CDs



Private tuition (30years)
Mentone Girls' Grammar School (7 years)
Mentone Girls' Secondary (2 years)
Ivanhoe Grammar (5 years)
Whitefriars College (1 year)